Training and work: the collaboration between Argus and the Foundation Technical Institute For New Technologies Of Life “Alessandro Volta” in Trieste


Argus looks to the future and invests in training. The company has established a collaboration with the Foundation Technical Institute For New Technologies Of Life “Alessandro Volta” in Trieste, to create a two-year studies allowing students to acquire skills that are useful for a quick insertion into the world of work.

«Students can learn in the classroom and in the field of application – explains Laura Cerni, director of the Institute – with training courses that are created according to the needs of businesses». The Institute offers three courses that train young people in the field of safety and health technologies: technician of testing and maintenance of biomedical equipment, medical informatics technician and telecommunications and IoT technician. – Internet of Things in the “One Health” field (medical, environmental and agri-food).

Each training course is carried out by professionals from companies so there is continuity with the working world. «The collaboration with Argus originated in the context of sensor technology – continues the director – and the monitoring of data that must be stored in the cloud. The company has shown a lot of interest and supported us both in planning and structuring the study path». This is a fundamental aspect that highlights the company’s commitment to training new experts in wireless technology and fire safety.

Argus believes in training to create new professionals capable of facing the challenges that the areas of life technologies reserves. «The relationship with companies – explains Federica Vassallo, communications manager of the ITS “Volta Foundation” – is important because students can enter the world of work immediately. The courses include an internship period which, in most cases, ends with employment. In this way there is an all-round immersion in the professional reality and direct contact with business companies helping to increase confidence in the study paths».

Mauro Ceppa, Argus Technical Director, and Daniel Polito, Argus Head of Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering, actively collaborate in the realisation of the ITS course and the creation of the skills needed to quickly enter the world of work, commented «We are happy to contribute to the realisation of a course that can give students the skills they need to quickly enter the world of work». Mauro Ceppa says «For us it represents an opportunity to train new young talents, who could become part of our company in the future, and guarantee them a preparation geared towards our sector». Daniel Polito concludes «This is made to create an open collaboration with organizations and institutes dedicated to preparing the students for the labour market, to support, at full capacity and in synergy with our vision, the progress and development of enabling technologies in the field industry through specific training courses».

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