Argus sows new seeds: a new plant will be built on a 5thousand square meters area. Last Thursday, 10th March, Argus Security signed an agreement with Coselag (Consortium of local economic development of the Giuliana’s area), at the Pisapia notary’s office in Trieste, for the purchase of the land for the expansion of the Company.

Coselag vicepresident Sandra Primicieri and Argus Security General Manager Giorgio Koursaris met to seal the deal.

The ban for the public auction sale was launched on November 2021: “ We applied at the beginning of December – recalls Kousaris – The procurement arrived on February. The design of the new factory is considering the expansion of Argus’ headquarter, at 14 Canneto street in Muggia, with a new building in the opposite plot of land, just at the other side of the road in Canneto street”.

The plot was purchased for 500thousand Euro: “This is just the cost for the land, we plan to invest much more – clarifies the General Manager – The involved area is an industrial and artisan zone, set in an environmental protected context, not far from the Noghere lakes right behind the Ospo stream”.

The project main concept is the “green factory”:  our goal is to be granted ISO14000 environmental certification for both production sites, the current and the new buildings – specifies Koursaris – We aim to improve energy efficiency by optimizing insulation, installing high-performance photovoltaic panels and a geothermal system”.

The project idea is to realize a building in two different sectors, a plate and a tower: “The environment of the new artifact will include a wide warehouse, a new production area, services and offices with direct access to the green area – anticipates Kousaris – Architecturally, the building will be characterised by green covers partly integrated inside the offices, accessible from the property as leisure area for public relations. To top it off, we strongly believe that an indoor and outdoor rooftop garden will positively impact the workers.”

A building that aims to achieve energy autonomy: “The photovoltaic system will transform solar energy into electricity reducing energy costs but also drastically cutting pollution – continues the manager – This electric energy will eventually be set aside in specific storage systems or fed into the grid”.

Less consumption, more investment: “The purpose is to realise a production plant that is rooted in an industrial area context, but enhancing the surroundings with its “green” features, renewable sources and green areas to mitigate the typical visual impact of a new industrial building – concludes Koursaris – these investments will also benefit the Giulian territory. The increase of the spaces includes both production and office areas, with a related necessity of new hiring”.

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