The Parental Leave introduced by Argus in April 2021 is celebrating one year. It allows fathers and mothers, in equal measure, to take care of new sons and daughters. The benefit provides fathers with the opportunity to stay at home for fourteen paid weeks in case of newborn or adopted child. A measure promoted by the parent company Halma, which provides for the over 6000 employees worldwide, the same 14-week treatment for mothers and fathers. Halma’s global paid parental leave is used in conjunction with required local law – if it’s better than Halma’s paid parental leave, local law prevails.

In Argus, the “paternity leave” compensates national law which currently provides ten days’ leave for fathers and five months for mothers.

«This choice stems from Argus’ desire to allow both parents to have an active role in the first months of their children’s life – explains Alessandra Ciccarelli, HR Business Partner of Argus – whether it is a biological birth or an adoption».

This leave can also be taken if the mother benefits advantage of maternity or other leave. Parental leave is also advantageous and encourages new fathers to request it. It can be taken within six months from the birth or adoption of the child or requested four weeks before the biological birth or one week before adoption.

«There are about a hundred employees working in Argus. The average age is 45, so most of them could use it – continues Ciccarelli – until today two employees have requested it. One has already taken it, the other will take leave in the summer».

This policy is aimed at recognizing gender equality in all its aspects and also offering an advantageous alternative to existing national laws. Argus has been a pioneer in recognition, carrying on the values of the Halma group to which it belongs, implementing the principles of inclusiveness, courage and change in which the company strongly believes.

«Parental Leave was a great opportunity for people like me who became a father this year – comments Andrea Roveredo, production operator, the first Argus employee to have taken the leave. For the Italian State, ten days are considered enough for a new father to stay close to the newnborn child and give support to the mother. Thanks to this initiative by Halma, joined by Argus, I had the opportunity not to miss the first days of my daughter’s life and support her mom. All companies should take this as an example ».

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