New TauREX 1.3 Software Upgrade Makes Life Easier for Installers and Engineers

TauREX 1.3 new software

Argus has released a comprehensive update to its ground-breaking TauREX software package, with a series of enhancements that will be transformative for anyone installing and maintaining Taurus wireless fire systems.

Designed as a single tool for the installation, commissioning and maintenance of Taurus systems, TauREX software has played a key role in the transformation of wireless from a niche technology to a mainstream choice in the fire industry. With the launch of TauREX 1.3, Argus is making things even better, with enhanced usability and speed of programming, as well as a new feature that optimizes and streamlines maintenance work.

The new version of the TauREX software streamlines the user experience for the Taurus range, simplifying the programming and maintenance processes to make them faster and more convenient. The update enhances usability and refines the process of associating network devices (translators and expanders) and field devices. Instead of matching field devices one by one, users can ‘Select all’ and link them to the chosen Network device.


Additionally, the update fine-tunes the EasyScan feature, enabling Taurus devices to be installed through a QR code. Users can add devices to the system using the camera on their PC or a handheld scanner. Finally, an enhanced  ‘Drag & Drop’ feature:  when a network node is  moved from virtual warehouse to the active map, associated devices will be automatically “grouped” with the network node which vastly increases the efficiency of using the software.

Argus offers the widest range of commercial standard wireless fire devices on the market, ranging from optical, multi-criteria and heat detectors to EN54-23 Approved VAD’s, all fully certified to EN54. All products offer the highest performance and quality in the industry.

Taurus range from Argus

Developed in Trieste, Italy, the global centre for wireless fire design, Taurus features Pathfinder Technology, which allows the devices to communicate over 1km, point to point in open air, and further where expansion hops are used. Antenna technology has been optimised to allow communication across different frequencies and environments, which means that Taurus can do the job with less equipment and less batteries, thus saving on costs.

Argus Security is part of The Orama Group, an alliance of companies that are committed to keeping people and their environment safe using the power of wireless fire technology and digital systems.

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