Safety like a King for a “Hostel like a Queen”

Safety like a King for a “Hostel like a Queen”. The Queen Hostel in Milan has chosen the technology of Argus Italy to ensure full safety to its customers and employees.
“We needed to expand the fire protection system and we had two options: keep an obsolete system -explains Teresa Toscano, manager of the Queen Hostel- or choose to rely on new technologies. The engineers we confronted with and who took care of the project, presented us Argus and the cutting-edge solutions it offers”. In October the team of installers and designers Argus installed a new facility in the hostel in Viale Regina Margherita. “Around our structure gravitate many people – adds Toscano – both personal and customers. It is essential for us to secure everyone and choose a system that protects them”.
Queen Hostel is located in the historic center of Milan with a wide choice of rooms: dorms from 4 beds up to 15 beds. Spacious rooms, equipped with air conditioning, USB ports and high speed Wifi, with a young and cosmopolitan target audience.
“The installation of a fire protection system in a building as a hostel can present numerous critical problems – explains Alessandro Motta, Sales Manager of Argus Italy – Guests stay a short period of time, there is a continuous flow of people and in a context like this, very technological and cutting edge, wireless technology has allowed customers not to interrupt the business flow”.
The technology used by Argus Italy guarantees a fast installation time that does not conflict with the usual activities of the customer.
“In this case, in fact, the installation lasted about 2/3 days and covered a surface of 100 square meters – traces Motta – The area in which was installed the protocol Argus Vega with the central Advanced Mx pro 5 2 loop, covers the entire restaurant of the hostel and 3 floors of rooms, in which it has been activated both automatic and manual detection system with acoustic alarm signal”.
The Sales Manager goes on to say: “This system guarantees safety in buildings with a high number of people, where the risk of fire is high. In addition, it is not necessary to lay cables or make masonry works of any kind. The Queen Hostel is in a newly refurbished building, in this way we have limited the inconvenience to the guests of the facility” adds Alessandro Motta.
The technology offered by Argus Italy has many advantages, which are visible to the customer right away. On a practical level, the installation does not involve any interruption of the workflow, as far as aesthetics is concerned, it is cared for and appreciable and does not conflict with the design of the building. In addition, the cost of equipment and supplies is drastically reduced.
“The installation process was very fast – says Tereza Toscano- we were followed at every stage and this made us very happy”.
The Queen hostel, despite being a hostel, has the same needs as a hotel. Securing a large and spacious building is essential to ensure security and to be able to act effectively and promptly when an emergency occurs.
“We immediately felt confident – adds Toscano – all the team of Argus was exceptional and made us feel comfortable. I want to emphasize how well we enjoyed both the fire system and all the staff who followed us”.

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