Radio City Music Hall Italy risto pub

Many estimates but no solution, and then the meeting with Argus Italy. Radio City Music Hall Italy from Padova it’s the first risto pub choosing wireless technology for its fire safety system.

“I received different quotes, but all of them had many complications/difficulties -said Roberto Angioni, partner/associate of the risto pub located in Via Palestro 62 in Padova – Those who proposed construction works would have taken at least ten days, with very high labor costs. In this pandemic period, with all the difficulties that our sector has suffered, it was unacceptable.”
Angioni wanted an innovative fire safety system, at low cost and reduced installation times to make the risto pub compliant to the new regulations for “The exercise of public entertainment”. In fact, The Radio City Hall Music Italy in addition to the restaurant, has a large area dedicated to live music and dance.

“We have a really busy calendar which includes cabaret shows, improv theater, Latin American dances and concerts. We go from rock, blues, jazz, metal and punk rock – said Angioni – we make Roman cuisine, different snacks and burgers. We have 150 seats, now 95 for the Covid distance, but we have great future projects. The design of our venue and our entertainment proposal for customers have been thought with an innovative point of view. We are going toward a “Green” direction, implementing energy saving policies from all points of view.”
The Taurus wireless system at Radio City Hall Italy, equipped with 24-hour operations Advanced center MX501, it’s the technological solution that meets all these needs.

“In the project phase the client’s primary need was to have a high performance detection system, with reduced installation times – explains Massimo Facchin, Sales Manager and Business Development of Argus – A fundamental fact, especially after pandemic lockdowns and restrictions, is that restaurants and venues have to choose a system that limits the closure of the business to the maximum”.

Continues the owner: “ In the proposals received from different suppliers it was necessary to carry out some structural works that would have changed the aesthetics of the venue. It is essential for us to use new technologies, that’s why we decided to rely on Hyfire. This wireless system allowed us not to damage the building with pipes and cables, typical of wired systems, which could have compromised the acoustics of Radio City Music Hall Italy, as well as block for weeks the activity”. With Hyfire’s systems by Argus Italy, we are able to drastically reduce the time spent on site
thanks to the pre-programming system. “ Pre-programming of the devices and cutting-edge technology allowed us to complete the installation in two half days – says Alessandro Costa, installer of Argus Italy – not having the need to pull cables and thanks to a new generation wireless system, the installation did not interfere with the organization of activities within the restaurant.

Continues Costa: “ The Radio City Hall Italy is a running business, for this reason the customer has immediately understood the practical, aesthetic and economic advantages and its fast installation”. Compared to traditional wired systems, in fact, wireless technology allows significantly to
reduce installation times, material costs and construction works. Cutting-edge technology prevents false alarms and sends an alert to the owner and the fire department in case of a fire.

“The cost of the plant has been half of the estimated quotes received from others – emphasizes Angioni – and all the persons involved have been extremely professional. They’ve put it together without making a speck of dust on the floor in just two half days”.
The synergy between Argus and Radio City Hall Italy of Padova has brought innovation and music beyond borders, providing security and entertainment: “ The chain of contact was perfect – says enthusiastic Angioni – We understood each other immediately and I’m happy
to have chosen this technology. We have saved considerably on costs, we haven’t lost even a day of work and the result is really positive”.

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