This product permits to set and read various parameters stored in the devices of the analogue-intelligent and the enhanced conventional series family. Connection to the devices is made through the adaptor base of the programming unit for the detectors or through one of the two plug-in cables (supplied with the product) for all other devices (only for the analogue-intelligent series).
The user can interact with the programming unit by using its in-built keypad and display; through this interface the user navigates through a menu-based set of options and commands, permitting him to program certain parameters on the devices or to read data from them.

The programming unit can be used, for example, to:
– read and set an analogue address on a device,
– change a conventional or analogue temperature sensor from Rate Of Rise to High Temperature or vice versa,
– read the firmware version of a device and other data,
– activate or deactivate input or output channels on a multi-module device,
– programming a conventional zone module,
– program the operating mode on a 32 tones analogue base sounder or its audio-visual variant.


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