Fire prevention remains essential even in the current economy. However, the design, install and maintenance of critical life safety systems have come under new price and process pressures. Costs must be optimized, while time on site and person to person contact minimized. Italy’s home-grown Argus wireless fire systems offers fire professionals the optimal solution in today’s environment.

Wireless fire detection and alarm systems offer key advantages over the traditional cabled versions, allowing our industry to maintain the highest protection standards while generating quick, new business. Easy and rapid installation allow to complete a system in a very short time – a few days and not weeks or months as for wired solutions – limiting time and direct contacts on site and minimizing the disturbance for tenants and businesses. The system survey defines exactly what devices are required where, so equipment cost are guaranteed and fixed, there are no surprises and no delays .The devices can be pre-programmed quickly and easily off site contributing to increase the speed of installation and radically reducing the people required to install. Project costs are optimized and deadlines almost guaranteed. Standard addressable or conventional panels are used, so all cause and effect and monitoring services are available.

There is no compromise on system performance, devices are all fully certified to the relevant EN54 standards and device specifications are often better than for wired devices.  Argus Security offers the widest range of commercial wireless fire devices, from dual-optical, multi-criteria and heat detectors to notification, alarm, interface and control units. For help with your project contact us at or call +39-

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