Beyond quality. Why the Management System Manager is a strategic figure in organisational development.

management system manager

Within a large company like Argus Security, in the Orama group, which manages different complex matters regarding security, and focuses on technological innovation, the Management System Manager is crucial. Alberto Makovec, who has 17 years of experience in the company, has held this position for some time within Argus Security. His skills, which he acquired through the years, mostly centre around technology. However he goes beyond. By learning about the legal world, which is a crucial part of certifying products and of organisation itself, an ever changing field, that requires constant updates.

«The Management System Manager is a versatile figure. Constantly monitoring the system’s various multifaceted procedures through risk assessment and integrating actions which would continuously perfect it and dedicating most of their job to maintaining normative conformity by also conversing with professionals, counsellors, entities and institutions» explains Alberto Makovec.


Since joining Argus Security in 2007 as Quality Manager, Makovec has helped the company obtain the ISO 9001 certification of quality, by being dedicated to certifying the product’s conformity. Between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, Argus Security, thanks in part to Makovec’s work, has consolidated the ISO 14001 certifications related to safeguarding the environment and the ISO 45001 related to worker’s health and safety.

«With the introduction of the Halma property, not only have the conditions been created, but also the requisites  and the need to introduce these two schemes within the organisation – carries on Makovec – This way, from Quality Manager I became Management System Manager» .

Among their many duties, the Management Security Manager is also in charge of tailoring: to ensure that the company’s structure accurately reflects organisational needs. «For the system 9001, it’s important to create some replicable, hence stable, steps to convey the product’s quality. For the 45001, it’s essential to maintain an active communication channel to constantly inform operators and workers in order to make them aware of the fact they’re working in an environment with limited risks. Finally regarding the ISO 14001 system, legal coherence must be maintained, verifying and limiting the risks thanks to the company’s strong will to safeguard the environment» , asserts Makovec.


In 2024, the company is priming for a cross-cutting cultural change. The goal is to adopt a “green” perspective in company operations, in response to growing requests, on behalf of the market, of a new evaluation parametre (ESG), which will incorporate environmental values, such as sustainability and good governance. 

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