University House, Canberra

When the oldest residential building on the Canberra campus of the Australian National University (ANU) required a full refurbishment in a freak hailstorm, the opportunity was taken for a full renewal of the building’s fire system.

In order to meet a tight installation deadline, Fusion Fire worked with the refurbishment project managers to specify a wireless fire system, using the latest Taurus wireless range, which was recently introduced into the Australian market. As the devices can be pre-programmed offsite, they can be installed in minutes and the impact on the fabric of the building is drastically reduced, with 90% less wiring required.

With a projected battery life of 10 years, the 700-plus Taurus devices installed by Fusion Fire, including smoke detectors, heat detectors and sounders, are fully compliant with all relevant Australian fire standards, including AS7240.25 and AS1670.1-2018.

By selecting the Taurus wireless fire devices, which are now the equal of their traditional wired counterparts in every way, even surpassing their performance in some key areas, Fusion Fire was able to install the new system in just days, rather than months, thus facilitating the rapid completion of the wider refurbishment project.

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