Sunnybank Community Centre

Fusion Fire has installed the latest wireless fire devices as part of a new fire system at Sunnybank Community Centre in Queensland. The latest Taurus range of wireless detectors, sounders and other devices offers radically enhanced performance that is the equal of, or potentially even be than, a traditional wired fire system.

The new system at Sunnybank protects all parts of the community centre and the fire panel is housed in a purpose-built fireproof casing. The installation includes a mix of smoke and heat detectors, as well as specialist modules such as thermal probes to monitor air conditioning units.

Wireless fire technology is perfect for a community sports complex as it can cover multiple buildings, infrastructure and other facilities without the need to run wires above or below ground.

With Taurus, more than 128 wireless fire devices can be controlled from each wired translator, as opposed to 32 for the previous iteration, which means that the need for wiring is reduced by 90% or more.

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