The TW-DO-01/916 Taurus wireless dual optical smoke detector is the latest in wireless smoke detector technology. The detector utilises dual optical smoke detection technologies and algorithms for improved performance, and maintaining the highest levels of false alarm rejection. Utilising well-proven adaptive radio signal processing algorithms it ensures the highest levels of life safety and system reliability are achieved. In-built magnet test allows easy activation to verify correct functionality and response.

  • Advanced dual optical chamber design
  • Dual angle scattering analysis
  • Advanced drift compensation
  • Bi-directional wireless communication
  • Can be used with Taurus addressable and conventional translators
  • 22 pairs of field channels
  • Dual channel redundancy
  • Long communication range (≅1 km in open air)
  • 10 year battery life
  • Utilises standard low-cost lithium battery technology
  • Device identification tab
  • Fast test feature for engineer testing
  • Easy scan & link programming option
  • Security screw to prevent tampering and unwanted removal
  • 3rd party approved
  • Tri-coloured LED
  • 5 year product warranty


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