The VMCZ100 conventional zone module is a device permitting to interface an analogue-intelligent addressable loop to a conventional detection zone. The analogue panel sees this device (and all the conventional sub-system) as a single addressed device on the loop. Conventional zone conditions as normal, open and short circuit and alarm are detected by this module and notified to the analogue control panel by the module itself; nevertheless this device is not capable of detecting the removal of a sensor from the conventional line. The conventional zone module can be powered in different ways: either directly by the analogue detection loop or by an external power supply source. The conventional zone module is capable of monitoring its power supply (whether from the analogue loop or external) and measure the actual current that is flowing to the conventional zone line, giving the analogue control panel full control over the conventional sub-system and its status.

  • Can be powered either externally or from the loop
  • Short circuit isolator built in
  • Auto addressing capability
  • Addressable via ALPU1000/VPU1000 programmer
  • 5 year product warranty
  • Adjustable reset time – allowing for greater loop length
  • End of line options to allow for multiple application from one device


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