Products Discontinued Notice

Product discontinuity notice | Argus Security

We have recently conducted an analysis of SKUs in our system that have zero or very low volume sales, or no approval, with the intention of discontinuing them.

After the analysis the following Argus codes and products will be deleted and, where possible, an Argus-branded product remains available for purchase. We believe this should cause no significant problems, but please let us know of any issues as soon as possible.

The following Argus codes and products are discontinued:

PN Description Alternative part to order
BLRD100 Relay Base 1K Ohm Resistor and Schottky Diode N.A.
VFI100 Intelligent Remote Indicator N.A.
BLR100 Conventional Relay Base with Resistor N.A.
VW2W128 Wireless Translator Module 128 Device Capacity (Dynamic) N.A.
SKEY100 Accessories Sounder Key (old style sounders) N.A.
VBLR100 Vega Intelligent Relay Base N.A.
VUMIC140 Vega Form C Single Contact Input/Output Micro Module N.A.
LAB1000 (BL) Intelligent Base Black N.A.
A1000 (BL) Intelligent Optical Detector Black N.A.

For further information you may require, do not hesitate to contact us.

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