Riello Fire

Riellofire designs and produces a complete range of integrated fire detection systems: conventional, addressable, wireless smoke detection, gas leak detection and aspirating fire detection systems to satisfy all the application needs of hospitals, schools, shopping malls, public parking, industries, etc.Riellofire takes part of the Riello Elettronica Group.

Hyfire Italy

Hyfire Italy is providing Hyfire high performance wireless fire systems to the italian market.

Inim Electronics

Inim develops state-of-the-art systems for antintrusion, fire detection, home automation and emergency lighting. Integrated systems of the newest design that protect and control automatically residential, commercial and institutional buildings. Inim innovates to simplify the life of the installer and the end-user by means of devices that are both easy to install and use. From design to production, from testing to marketing, every Inim product is made in Italy to be appreciated in the world.

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